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Rabat day Trip from Casablanca

Do you want to enjoy sightseeing along the narrow streets of the Old Medina of Rabat? Are you looking for an experiencing tour in Morocco at your next vacation? Rabat is being the capital city of Morocco gives you the opportunity to learn & experience the history of Rabat, culture, music, the minarets, the archeological monuments and so on. Casablanca stands to be the port of entry and the gateway to the beautiful kingdom of Morocco.  A Rabat day trip from Casablanca gives you a shore excursion, worship opportunities, shopping experiences and everything which you will like and remember forever.  So what you expect from your tour guide?

Sala colonia

Visit Le Tour Hassan and Mausoleum of Mohammad V –

During your Rabat day Trip from Casablanca, you can visit la Tour Hassan and the Mausoleum of Mohammad V the most important historical place in Morocco. Surrounded by a lush garden. La Tour Hassan and the Mausoleum of Mohammad V are located to each other. LaTour Hassan tower covered in complex carvings and tile patterns that makes it attractive and peaceful place. Fountain outside and the Ceiling inside the Mausoleum of Mohammad the V is simply gorgeous.

Hassan tower

Visit Chellah –

Challah is located on the outskirts Rabat along the Bou Regreg River. It is another great spot to escape the noise and crowds of Rabat. Initially built by Romans and abandoned the Chellah mosque was built over the part of the ruins. You can found hundreds of stork nests around Chellah including one on the top of the ruins of the minaret.
Visit Musee des Oudaias-

The Musee des Oudaias is housed in the former Palace of Moulay Ismail is a museum that contains a huge gathering of jewelry and clothing from different regions of Morocco along with Roman and prehistoric jewelry. It is small but interesting and easy to enter with a little cost. You can sit and enjoy the atmosphere in the walled garden in front of the museum.

Mohammed v mausoleum

The Kasbah –

The Kasbah is on the edge of a cliff and is the oldest part of the city of Morocco. The Bou Regreg River and the Atlantic Ocean meet below the cliff.   You can find a pleasant feel with narrow winding streets and whitewashed old houses and doors that trimmed in blue in the Kasbah area.  The streets of the Kasbah are narrow so few cars are seen and low-key place to travel the streets.  The Kasbah has a great position to overlook and enjoyed watching the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rabat Zoo –

What can more one expect from Rabat zoo? It is less crowd and more natural place and includednatural-looking habitats. The Rabat Zoo is one of the amazing charms and is a great place for anyone to visit during Rabat day Trip from Casablanca. The Rabat Zoo has many of the animals one would dream of seeing on an African safari including the big five that is elephants, lions, rhinos, and hippos.  Most animals look like they are in their natural habitat and not in cages.

The Medina –

One of the must-see attractions in Morocco is the Medina of Rabat, filled with lots of traditional shops and cafes that you can discover. Of course, without visiting a Medina Rabat day Trip from Casablanca can say to be incomplete. The Medina is the old historic part of town with high walls is a pleasure in many ways. Even if it is not very large it is clearly one of Morocco’s finest attractions.  It is charming and relaxed, easy to navigate and women can walk easily around. The Medina has anything and everything that you could possibly want to buy.

Oudayyas kasbah


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